RYOSOKU was initiated in 2018 by a priest, an architect, and a
curator with the aim of achieving a better quality of life through Zen.
RYOSOKU is based at the Ryosoku-in Temple. Ryosoku-in is the
sub-temple of Kenninji Temple in Kyoto’s Gion district, and was
founded in the fourteenth century. Kenniji Temple is famous for its
nationally treasured Fujin and Raijin (Wind God and Thunder God)
screen, as well as for being where tea culture was born in Japan.
Ryosoku-in Temple was, in a way, the “educational” division of the
Kenninji Temple and priests there took charge of hosting the Korean
delegation during the Edo period. The temple’s priest, a Chinese
disciple, interpreted Chinese dim sum as vegetarian manju
(bean-filled buns), which are now widely enjoyed throughout Japan.

RYOSOKU aims to build the perfect place to meditate for our time
and to foster healthy minds focused on creating a better society. The
program consists of two main activities: creative programs and
educational programs. Creative programming is geared toward
reimagining the temple site, including renovations and the building
of new facilities to host meditation, bathing, dining, accommodations,
and the graveyard.

Education programs will help rethink the role of the individual and
society, and to experience the role of the Zen temple in the
community through temple school, zazen (seated meditation), and
food-based programs.

The programs are for members and are by reservation only.

Ryosoku-in Temple Kennin-ji Temple

RYOSOKU RYOSOKU programs for 2019
RYOSOKU programs for 2019

Zen Self Care with Tea and Sweets

Saturday July 20 and Sunday July 21

A new interpretation of the traditional tea ceremony for our time is reconsidered and realized by ceramic
artists Takuro Kuwata and Akio Niisato, and confectioner, Sayoko Sugiyama. Toryo Ito, the priest of
Ryosoku-in Temple, will introduce the principles of “holistic care” at this program.
Time: 4–7pm on July 20 and 4–7am on July 21/Capacity: 8 participants/Participation fee: JPY25,000

“Noodles” and RYOSOKU Store “Ware”

Saturday September 14 and Sunday September 15

A two-day pop-up event featuring a diner and a shop. Adopting and interpreting traditional and contemporary
Asian cuisine, noodles, manju, and tea will be served at the Diner. At the Store, we aim to create a landscape
using wares that will fill people's minds and hearts with joy. With the Diner and the Store, we want
participants to experience and rethink the happiness of sharing time and the beauty of the five senses in our
daily life.
Open hours: 9am–4pm (or when noodles sell out)
Menu (tentative): Vegetarian noodles with a choice of vegetables, tofu, or vegetarian dumpling JPY 1,500~/
Noodles without any toppings JPY800~/Manju (vegetables or tofu) JPY600~/Tea (femented, green or
white) JPY400~

RYOSOKU Temple School “Caligraphy”

January 2020

Special guest lecturers Veronica Halim will give participants the opportunity to rethink language as a tool of
communication. Veronica Halim, author of Calligraphy Styling, is an Indonesian calligrapher, who hosts frequent workshops throughout Asia.

RYOSOKU Art Project “Meditation Corridor: Samson Young”

March 2020

RYOSOKU launches a site-specific contemporary art project in Ryosoku-in Temple. The first project is a
soundscape installation by Samson Young.
Samson Young is an artist and composer based in Hong Kong. He received his PhD in music composition from
Princeton University, USA, in 2013, and was the inaugural winner of the BMW Art Journey Award at Art Basel
Hong Kong 2015. In 2017 he represented Hong Kong at the 57th Venice Biennale.

RYOSOKU Membership

Registration Fee: JPY5,000 / Students JPY2,000
Annual Fee: JPY5,000 / Students JPY2,000

- Registration Fee -
JPY5,000 / Students JPY2,000
- Annual Fee -
JPY5,000 / Students JPY2,000

All programs are by reservation for members only.
Please apply for a membership and reserve your space in the programs via application.

About 2019 RYOSOKU Program

Climate change is the challenge of our times, perhaps especially urgent in
cities around the globe. Existing urban infrastructure and governance are
unable to respond effectively alone to the massive changes wrought by
climate change. As citizens, we need to empower ourselves to participate in
our local communities to mitigate the dangers threatening our families and
Ryosoku-in Temple aims to be a site of learning by introducing ideas and
jumpstarting discussions about the relationship between nature and people,
and take big steps toward supporting a sustainable ecosystem for the
betterment of society.
One of our first tasks is to rethink the master plan of Ryosoku-in Temple.
This is not a restoration, but a redefinition of aesthetic that both present
circumstances and the future demand.
This year’s programs at the Temple are designed for members to exchange
opinions on future activities.

Ryosoku-in Temple

Kennin-ji Temple, 591 Komatsu, Higashiyama ward, Kyoto 6050811
e-mail: ryosokut@gmail.com



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